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Which Idol Does Haha Want To Trade His Face With?

Haha seems to admire this idol’s beautiful face.

On December 25, we welcomed another episode of “Running Man” named “Bad Santa Miracle Race”, where the cast members were up against each other to gain points in order to win.

In a telepathy mission, the members had to guess the right answers (at least 3 out of 5 questions) that special guest MC Kim So Hyun asked him. And there came the question to Haha, “Which celebrity do you want to switch your face with?”

Other members took no time hesitating to choose the idol whom they thought he would pick, and their answer was confirmed when Haha revealed his choice was G-Dragon.


After hearing the answer, castmate Yoo Jae Suk was not surprised at all, explained, “He’s always wanted to look like G-Dragon for a long time!”

G-Dragon is so handsome, isn't he?
G-Dragon is so handsome, isn’t he?

G-Dragon is so much beloved, right?