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The mixtape track of VIXX’s Ravi and SuperBee has been released

What do you think of this latest track by Ravi?

This new mixtape track of VIXX’s Ravi will sure please his fans.

With the appearance of Superbee, the collaboration between him and VIXX’s Ravi is finally released. The famous rapper has uploaded the track “Who Are U” via Soundcloud and Youtube on 27th September at midnight KST.

Check out the release below:

In detail, the track was composed and arranged by Ravi along with the lyrics under work of Ravi and Super Bee.

Recently, VIXX has made a comeback with their track “Fantasy”. About Ravi, his latest solo track was the single “DamnRa” which aired along with a performance video in July.

By now, VIXX members is participating in the variety show “Star Show 360”.