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Suho comforts EXO-Ls during his speech on ‘Music Bank’

EXO member Suho has touched EXO-Ls‘ hearts with a really touching speech on Music Bank. He is a really warm guy.

A few days ago, the staff’s poor management from MBC’s variety show ‘Star Show 360’ not only forced EXO-L to queue up for over 20 hours but also mistreated them when they were waiting for EXO’s performances inside and so on.

Of course, the fans were sad because of the staff’s actions and that’s the reason why Suho’s winning speech on ‘Music Bank’ was the best method to erase their sorrow. After Sehun sent his words to EXO-Ls, Suho continued, “We thanks everyone at ‘Music Bank’, as well as our teacher Lee Soo Man, our SM family, our staff, and the family members of EXO. We’d also like to thank our managers, who work just as hard as EXO.” 

The part from the leader’s speech literally warmed up the fans’hearts, “To our EXO-L, even though it looks like oppas don’t know what’s going on, we see, we hear, and we know, so we want you to know that. Our fans, we thank you and love you.” 

Seems like the EXO’s members really know how their fans have felt after the situation happening at the MBC’s show recording and they just wanted to try their best to comfort their beloved fans. The fans soon commented, “I really got tears in my eyes seeing this TT thank you”“EXO really do think of their fans a lot, so I hope fans will stop doing dumb things”“I think this explains why EXO has so many fans”, and more.

What a great leader and a great man!