Park Hyo Shin
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Park Hyo Shin uploaded his Musiv Video for “Breath”

Ballad king Park Hyo Shin is introducing his upcoming album with a pre-comeback track to us!

On September 29, Park Hyo Shin released the music video for his new track “Breathe”, which he lent some help to compose and write. Jung Jae Il was his co-composer of the track; they also worked together on his previous famous single “Wild Flower” in 2014. Besides, the lyrics of “Breathe” was co-written by the hit-songwriter Kim Eana, whom you may have seen on the JTBcCshow “Sugar Man”, and who is known to have created a number of songs for many stars, namely Brown Eye Girls, IU, Suzy and Baek Huyn with their duet “Dream”, etc.

The full version of Park Hyo Shin’s seventh album is going to be published on October 3. Finally the voice of “Wild Flower” has made a new album after almost six years. Guess you are extremely eager to listen to the rest of it?