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Lee Kwang Soo Shows Off His Manliness, But Failed The Mission As Ussual

In the most recent episode of Running Man named “Christmas with Bad Santa,” audiences were taken aback by another face of Lee Kwang Soo

For such a long time, Lee Kwang Soo has been considered as the weirdest guy of the show who usually has bad endings. This time, however, he finally showed his mature and masculine side for fans.

On the latest episode of “Running Man,” Lee Kwang Soo showed off his strength and manliness through the way he played with children. In one mission, his team was given some phrases and they had to use their body language to make the children understand what the phrases were. One of the phrases was “You’re strong!”

First of all, Lee Kwang Soo arm-wrestled with the children. He eventually even started lifting them up entirely! To show off his strength, the teammate Song Ji Hyo even tried to hold on to one of the arms. However, these things still couldn’t convince the children and one of the boy even commented, “You’re not strong.”

Source: Koreaboo