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Korean Nurses Association Gives The Staff Of “Romantic Doctor Kim” Gift, Showing Their Support For The Movie

Romantic Doctor Kim” is receiving love from more and more people!

Recently, it is reported that the Korean Nurses Association sent a snack truck to the cast and crew of SBS’s “Romantic Doctor Kim”. Thanks to the snacks, everyone was full of energy to continue making a great movie.

The most special thing of this present is that it is from an association. The Korean Nurses Association wants to thank the cast and crew for having portraying nurses as professional people, which is different from other medical dramas. The important role of nurses in the hospital has been showed by head nurse Oh Myung Shim (played by Jin Kyung) and male nurse Park Eun Tak (played by Kim Min Jae).

Meanwhile, the 17th episode of “Romantic Doctor Kim” broadcasted on January 3 reached 21.1 percent in terms of viewership ratings. There are only three episodes left of the drama.

Source: Naver TV