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Is there any chance for G-Friend to beat Wonder Girls on music charts?

Appearing on the July 13th episode of MBC FM4U‘s ‘Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope‘,  the idol group G-Friend talked many thing about their senior and competitor group Wonder Girls, specially about the music charts.

When MCs asked the idol group G-Friend: “Didn’t you beat Wonder Girls for first place [on music charts]?”, they answered honestly: “No. We did so briefly, and right now, Wonder Girls are first place.”

After that, they praised their senior with admiringly words: “We also like their song so much, and we keep listening to it. We are listening to it like we have just that one song on repeat.” And when they were requested to say something to Wonder Girls, the girls replied quickly and honestly: “We really like your song. We like you. We love you. You’re so pretty. You’re charismatic and we get sucked into that.”

It seems like G-Friend is a huge fan of Wonder Girls. But I wonder if anyone isn’t? Do you agree with me?