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Haha Talks About Health Conditions Of Variety Shows’ Members

On the episode on January 8, Haha revealed about his health condition after starring in variety shows.

He shared, “I was through a slipped disc for 7 times. However, I didn’t speak a word because I thought everyone had been through this like me. My doctor said that I could have paralyzed.”

Talking about other “Running Man” cast members’ health condition, Haha revealed, “Yoo Jae Suk’s ankle is said to be facing the wrong way. His waist, neck, ankles… all of them are not fine. Gary’s shoulders are pretty bad, too. He tore one of his ligaments, so he couldn’t even hold a cup of shaved ice.”


He also revealed the hardships that every entertainer has to struggle with. “Entertainers starring on long-running variety shows that involves lots of physical activity have the bodies of an athlete. However,  there’s no time for rehabilitation. If we get hurt, they’ll choose to cut out our part in the show because it’s their priority to make the show entertaining. Viewers don’t know this fact because injured entertainers don’t appear on the episode.”

Currently, Haha is starring in SBS’s “Running Man” and MBC’s “Infinite Challenge”.

Source: XportNews