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Goblin: Why The Chicken Restaurant Rarely Has Many Customers?

If you’re a loyal viewer of this drama, you may notice this point.

As we all know, Olive Chicken Cafe is an important location in the drama. It is owned by Sunny (played by Yoo In Na), a pretty woman. Throughout the drama, many viewers have taken notice of a “plot hole”: the restaurant is usually empty, even though it has such a beautiful owner as Sunny.


It is sort of weird when an attractive owner as Sunny (alongside with The Grim Reaper) couldn’t attract so many customers.

Some fans have spotted out a fact that Ji Eun Tak mentioned in recent episodes. She said that this restaurant have too many ghosts in it, which keeps the customer away.

The “loyal” customers here are mostly ghosts

Meanwhile, other fans argue that this point is not important to the whole plot, “This whole drama is unrealistic. It’s about the Goblin, the Grim Reaper and incarnation… Why expect everything to be rational?” 

The claim whether the author writes this point on purpose or unintentionally still remains a question.

What about your idea?