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Goblin: Deok Hwa’s Indentity Is Revealed!

(SPOILERS ALERT) Still cannot figure out who Deok Hwa is?

Alongside with the bromance couple the Grim Reaper – Goblin, Yoo Deok Hwa (played by Yook Sungjae) is the most popular male character of the series. During 11 episodes of “Goblin”, viewers have given out many theories about the true identity of Deok Hwa. In episode 12, this mystery has been revealed!

In the latest episode (aired on January 7), Eun Tak said that Deok Hwa helped her to read Kim Shin’s journal and find the lost maple leaf. Upon hearing that, Kim Shin was shocked and couldn’t believe Deok Hwa is able to read that language. Later, Kim Shin and the Grim Reaper met Deok Hwa at a bar and urged him to reveal his true identity.


After stopping tine, Deok Hwa finally revealed, “I am always listening. I did give you the chances to plead for death. Yet you’re alive?”


He continued, “I am a god, I only ask questions. You must find the answers,” then became unconcious as a stream of butterflies left his physical body.

After this episode, viewers speculate that Deok Hwa is a matchmaker god. Upcoming episodes airing on next Friday & Saturday will bring about more plots.

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