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G-Dragon “Kisses” Dara In A Video, A New Couple Of The K-Pop Industry? What Is YG’s Response?

For such a long time, the two idols have been a popular ship among K-Pop fans. Is “Daragon” (the lovely nickname of the ship) finally real?  

After Big Bang’s 0.TO.10 Finale In Seoul concert, many people spotted G-Dragon protecting a woman who looked extremely like Dara. He hugged the women tightly to prevent her from being hurt by the crowd, and there was a moment in which he might have kissed her. Check the video below, and notice 0:01 when the “kiss” happened:

Fans claim that it’s Dara for sure because Dara had worn the same outfit as the women in the video. She also had the same blonde hair + ponytail!


 However, YG has officially denied the rumor about the “kiss”, stating: “It was just a prank of G-Dragon. He suggested that they should get their picture taken in such a pose. This dating rumor was all caused because of a joke. They also never kissed.” In conclusion, the close moment was meant as a fun joke, according to YG.