LABOUM's Solbin
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Does Solbin really want to be like Irene and Park Bo Gum on ‘Music Bank’?

New MC of ‘Music Bank – LABOUM member Solbin has shown how she wanted to do just as good as Irene and Park Bo Gum in her new position.

In a recent interview, Solbin expressed her desires to the reporters, said: “To be honest, it was very overwhelming at first to take over the MC position on ‘Music Bank’. I looked at all of the comments after the first airing, and a lot of reactions said, ‘Bring back the old MCs’. But I continued to work harder thinking that people would notice when I work hard. Also, Minhyuk sunbaenim is very caring and we are having a lot of fun as MCs. I want to work well with Minhyuk sunbaenim, and follow in the Park Bo Gum and Irene couple’s footsteps as the next good-chemistry couple.” 

I believe you and Minhyuk will do it well, Solbin.