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Awards Show Received Criticizes For Airing 19+ Scene On The Big Screen

It was ‘2016 Star’s Night- Republic of Korea Top Star Awards Ceremony‘, held at the Grand Hyatt Ballroom in Seoul.  

The issue happened when actor Lee Kyung Young was ready to receive his award for best supporting actor in the film ‘Inside Men.As he was walking up to the stage, an unexpected situation rattled the media.

On the big screen appeared an explicit scene where the actor was naked and mixing drinks. Actor Lee Kyung Young took part in some obscene scenes for the film, his character was a greedy congressman, Jang Pil Woo.


Some netizens criticized, “Despite the 19+ scenes, ‘Inside Men’ contained many memorable scenes, so why they had to show this particular sensitive scene?”  While others commented, “It’s quite obvious of what kind of response they will get due to inserting this clip, I really don’t understand the reason behind this.”

‘Inside Men’ is a movie stars Lee Byung Hun and tells a story around a dark politically driven story of a presidential candidate as well as the numerous points of view from the press and other political figures. It is drawing millions of viewers to theaters since being released.

Source: Allkpop