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A K-Pop Idol Owns A More Expensive Car Than BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

As we all know, G-Dragon has been famous for being the K-pop idol with the most expensive car. However, there exists another idol with much pricier vehicle. 

His identity and his 400 million won (approximately $332,800) McLaren 650s have become a hot topic on social media.1

The idol turns out to be CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun. His McLaren 650s FAB Design is a limited edition car and there are only 10 in the entire world.

Not only does he is the only Asia person owning the car, but he has the “number one” car that was made first.


The McLaren 650s FAB Design is a McLaren 650s Spider car that has been modified by a professional tuning company. It is said that its price comes up to 650 million won (approximately $540,700). Many people are jealous with Lee Jong Hyun because he drives a car that costs as much as an apartment.


Source: Insight